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We are committed to a culture in which team members work in a safe and healthy environment is supported at all Vallourec locations – without question.
We believe that every employee working in our facilities, every visitor and contractor, should return home to their families at the end of their shift the same way in which they arrived for work, safely.
To support our commitment to safety, we actively conduct ongoing risk assessments and implement risk reduction projects. We adhere to a robust program of safety visits, and maintain written policies and programs to meet or exceed OSHA requirements. The group commitment to safety is embodied in our global Safety Day. where all Vallourec facilities around the world shut operations down to focus on safety.
Our mills have achieved best in class safety and health management systems certifications. These certifications recognize how we continue to adhere to the highest standards for a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and visitors worldwide.
Maintaining the health and safety of our workforce is a core value of our organization and embodied by every Vallourec employee.

Commitment to Quality


Vallourec is committed to continuously improve Quality and aim for zero defect.
Our customers expect zero defects, and Vallourec pursues this level of quality passionately.

Our high level of quality is achieved through the dedication of our teams and the strict adherence to company standards and protocols. We developed a quality toolbox to determine the root cause of an issue, enabling us to quickly implement corrective actions. Statistical tools are also used to monitor and control the manufacturing processes and are utilized to plan for new and updated equipment.
We have embraced the Eight Disciplines (8D) Problem Solving Methods to contain, correct and prevent such claims. We are also reinforcing Visual Inspection workstations, work instructions and practices worldwide. We realize that when it comes to consistent Quality, variation is the enemy. We are assessing the Repeatability and Reproducibility of our Measurement Systems, and we are increasing Process Capability in all of our sites through the disciplined use of 6σ. We are convinced that this effort is steering us towards Industrial Excellence.
We offer premium products with enhanced performance and dimensional controls. Our products can be tailored for specific applications by controlling the performance properties to ranges that are tighter than API requirements.
Our six innovative technology centers are key in testing and proving the performance of these products.

To contribute to our customers’ success, we stay at the forefront of the industry by listening closely to the energy market, and work towards providing solutions for each customer based on their requirements. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and business reviews are communication tools allowing better understanding between manufacturing and customers.

Commitment to Environment & Energy

Environment & Energy

Our commitment to pollution prevention, waste and energy reduction, property conservation, and environmental protection is at the core of our management system.
We strive to ensure our impact on the environment is positive. For instance, our main raw material in our manufacturing process is recycled steel, and our premium products are designed to resist worst case scenarios, enabling our end user customers to protect the environment during the drilling and production processes.
In line with the Vallourec Group’s proactive sustainable development policy, at all levels we endeavor to be a responsible corporate citizen. This includes strong commitments to recycle water and reduce energy consumption. We are honored to have been recently recognized by SMA for sustainability achievements for best practices in water reclamation.
This effort applies to waste and by-products as well. We are proud to have recycled over 90% of all waste or by-products produced at Vallourec Star, and have implemented programs for a positive use of resources in all of our production centers.
To support our commitment to environment and energy conservation, our locations maintain certifications to the demanding ISO 14001 standards.